Bible Studies

Sunday Morning Studies

Jesus & Me
Jesus & Me is offered during our 9:30am service on our Life Campus. Jesus & Me is our children’s ministry for children 2 years old through Kindergarten. Before the sermon, the children are invited to go to a fun, age-appropriate class where they will learn about God’s love for them. Through story, craft, songs and activities, the children learn and apply the Bible lesson for the day.

Sunday School and Bible Studies
Sunday School is offered at 9:15 a.m. on our Resurrection Campus. Classes for Preschool through High School are available. Parents are invited to our Adult Bible Studies held at the same time.

Faith Night (Wednesdays)

Wednesdays from 5:30-7:15 p.m. on our Resurrection Campus
January 8 – February 19 

We’ll start with a prepared meal (5:30-6:05), followed by a full slate of Bible classes for all ages (6:15-7:15). Join us for food, an opportunity to grow in faith, and connect better with other Christians.

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Childcare for infants through preschool-aged children
Your young child is invited to a warm and safe environment. Your child can play and have fun while you enjoy your study and connect with others.

K-6th Grade
(K-2, 3-6 grade classes)

Adult Bible Studies

Starting Point (Bible foundation / Membership Class)
Led by Pastor Stephen Meyer
Join our foundational course (that also doubles as our membership class) that will answer many of your questions about God, the Bible, and Christianity. If Wednesday nights do not work for you, please contact Pastor Meyer about finding a different time to study (507-254-9205;

The Holy Spirit Builds the Church… Part II
Led by Pastor Marcus Birkholz
In our Fall Session, our study focused on the days of the early church. The Holy Spirit rapidly grew Jesus’ Church in Jerusalem and nearby. We’ll continue our journey through “The Acts of the Apostles.” We will cover the conversion of Saul, the world vision of the church, and Paul’s 1st missionary journey.

God’s Providence
Led by Pastor Joseph Koelpin
From the humblest one-celled creature to the greatest member of the crown of his creation, God directs all of creation’s affairs. This truth leaves the Christian to wonder, “What does this mean for my life?” If God controls everything, does this mean that when evil or tragedy befall us that it is God’s fault? What is the relationship between God’s work and ours? Why doesn’t God stop evil when He is able? We will wrestle questions like these and more as we study God’s Providence. (Cf.

Ministering to Millennials
Led by DJ Earls
This is a video and discussion based study that will seek to: 1) Help us better understand the unique way millennials think in general, and about church/religion in specific, as well as understanding why millennials think that way. 2) To help us honestly evaluate how they are doing in retaining millennial members and/or reaching potential millennial members. 3) Share some “best practices” – tactics we might consider implementing in our effort to serve millennials with the gospel. If you are a millennial (born 1980-2000), we need your voice in this discussion. If you’re not a millennial, this is a great opportunity to learn, collaborate, and discuss outreach opportunities with your fellow church members.

The Bible Project
Led by Phil Zahn
How did the families of the Bible share and study the Bible? We don’t know for sure, but it probably looked like great-grandparents down to the littlest ones gathered in a home, sharing what their great-grandparents told of God and his promises. In this class, we’ll form into groups of 8-15 (ideally a set of with people of all ages in each group), watch a video from “The Bible Project,” answer 3 appropriately leveled questions about the video, and go home with optional follow-up devotions, meditations, and readings to use throughout the week. All: Bring your own Bible. Kids: Bring colored pencils.

Financial Peace
Led by Bob Shultz
This Dave Ramsey program will take you through practical budgeting to reduce debt, allocate your money each month, and establish long-term financial planning in a biblical way. This series runs 9 weeks. These sessions will go until 7:30 PM due to the amount of information and time for discussion. Come prepared to make your life better, know how you spend each dollar, and share God’s blessings! Please register so we have materials available for you. Questions? Call Bob Shultz at 507-990-0955.

Conquerors through Christ
Led by Ian Watson
Pornography––It’s a sin that is so easy to walk into and so difficult to get out of. If you are alone, that is. Many Christian purity ministries offer helpful tips for escaping the porn trap, but miss what matters most: The purifying, cleansing, past-erasing, self-control teaching power of the gospel. “The grace of God…teaches us to say ‘no’ to worldly passions and to live self-controlled lives.” (Titus 2:11-12) In this study, we will find spiritual encouragement and practical advice on how to move from conquered to conqueror, and how to help those around you who desperately need it. It is never easy to conquer impurity, but with the saving love of Jesus and the help of God’s people, we can fight with the hope that Christ has conquered sin for us. For more information about this study please visit

Praying the Names of Jesus (women and teen girls)
Led by Deb Hofland
We’ll study our Savior’s names and titles revealed in God’s Word and how this reveals God’s heart and love for you, too! If you weren’t in the Fall class, don’t worry – this will be a fresh set of Christ-titles, you’ll fit right in! We’ll use the book (class title) by Ann Spangler; we have some new books available for purchase ($5) or you can check CBD, Amazon or eBay. You’ll need your own Bible and a journal for study notes. Figure on about one hour’s homework to do before class each week. Contact Deb Hofland for the 1st assignment.