One by One Worship & Study Series

One by one, God has called us to faith and into his family. Along with the privilege of being His child, God gives us the honor of sharing him with others. One by one, as we share our faith with friends and family, God grows his family.

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We’re excited for you to connect with others and with God in our groups.

Please use the form at the bottom to register for your preferred day and time.

What does a group do?
  • Meets together once a week
  • Prays together
  • Studies God’s Word together
Benefits of Groups
  • Grow in our trust of God – more fully relying on God as we grow in faith.
  • Grow in our knowledge – who God is, what he’s done for us, what his will is for us, who we are in Christ, how we thank God with our lives of service to him and others.
  • Build meaningful relationships with others.
  • Share the way of eternal life with others.

Right now, most of our groups will be meeting online (Zoom). If you’ve never used Zoom before, you’ll pick it up quickly.

We know – it’s not the same as being in person, but it is a great option for connecting at this time!

Start: the week of Sunday, April 18
Duration: length of the Easter season

Group Leaders

Pastor Dean Gunn

Sunday – 9:15am

Resurrection Campus

Zak Gartner

Monday – 6:30pm


Jeff Perra

Monday – 7:00pm


Dale Lempke

Tuesday – 11:00am


Bob Broring

Wednesday – 7:00pm


Paul Nolting

Wednesday – 8:30pm


Pastor Stephen Meyer

Wednesday – 8:30pm


Dave Dreyer

Thursday – 8:30pm


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