Mission & Plans

Our ministry is at a potential turning point. Resurrection & Life Lutheran is, and God-willing, will continue to be 1 congregation with 2 sites. We have been served by more than 2 pastors since 1993, and 3 pastors fully dedicated to our ministry since 2008. God has blessed us with significant growth in recent years. God led Pastor Bitter to take a call to Florida. Our ministry has grown. Our pastoral staff is currently smaller. What should we do? It appears we are at a turning point.

Our turning point is not as big as the Industrial Revolution or the unveiling of the iPhone. It’s bigger. It’s bigger because God works through the Word and our ministry to impact the spiritual and eternal lives of hundreds and hundreds of people. No matter how many million iPhones are sold or how many years it takes to pay for your iPhone, phones don’t have the same lasting and epic impact.

How should we move forward together? We invite and strongly encourage you to join the conversation. Our Voters and Church Council wants everyone in our congregation to prayerfully consider our ministry and share their thoughts. Your vital input will greatly help us as we move forward in our ministry together.

Our ministry that impacts eternities is well worth a few moments of your time. Please give your prayerful consideration and time to:

  • Read through this document and answers the questions inside it.

2019.07.Ministry and Pastor Discussion Revised v2

Included in this document are:

1. our ministry together (Worship. Study. Serve. Share.)

2. our current and projected financial status.

3. discussions on calling a 3rd pastor (yes or no? If no, cut what? If yes, to do what?)

  • Attend 1 of our open forum small group discussions of this document and our next steps as a congregation.

We will be holding small group discussions of this document and our next steps as a congregation. Here are your opportunities to participate in these discussions:

Wednesday, July 17th, at 6:30pm on our Resurrection Campus

Sunday, July 21st, at 9:00am on our Resurrection Campus

Sunday, July 21st, at 10:30am on our Life Campus

Sunday, July 21st, at 11:30am on our Resurrection Campus

Wednesday, July 24th, at 6:30pm on our Life Campus

We’d like you to be prepared to be a part of one of those discussions. We’d like to hear your feedback, questions, and concerns.

In Christ Alone,
Daryl Schultz
Resurrection & Life Lutheran Church President