Church Council Updates Mission & Plans

Over the past year, a committee was formed to review the Synod’s published information on “Telling the Next Generation.” This information was specifically focused on Early Childhood Ministries and Elementary Schools. The group that attended a “Telling the Next Generation” conference, began work on better defining a harvest strategy for our existing Early Childhood Ministries. As a result of this work, the committee discuss possible ways to improve our existing Early Childhood Ministries (Monkey Junction, Preschool, and Jesus and Me Program), as well as discuss what could be expanded.

From this effort, there were some slight changes to the Jesus and Me program, and also some additional relationship building efforts between Monkey Junction, Preschool and Kindergarten. This included the Kindergarten teacher and Preschool teacher spending time sharing their readiness programs with Monkey Junction families.

In addition to some slight changes to existing Early Childhood Ministry programs, the concept of an Early Childhood Learning Center was explored. A Learning Center is basically a combination of child care with option of having preschool class sessions incorporated within it. There were 3 WELS Learning Centers in Minnesota that were explored to better understand how they operated. The 3 centers that were explored were MLC (Martin Luther College) Early Childhood Learning Center in New Ulm, Jesus Loves Me Learning Center in Mankato, and Cornerstone Early Learning Center in Hugo. Of the 3 centers, Cornerstone Early Learning Center seemed to match closer to what might work best for Rochester area. Cornerstone is part of the North St. Paul congregation that is a dual site. The Cornerstone campus is located in Hugo and has a worship site very similar to our Life campus. Much of the plans provided below are based off actual real life operation information from these various centers.

Attached is the Resurrection & Life Lutheran Learning Center overview and phase proposal that was shared with the Congregation in early April 2019. This was also reviewed at the April 7th open forums.

Resurrection &Life Learning Center Overview – April 2019

In addition to the overview, the Leadership team was asked to provide a snapshot of the overall business plan for the Learning Center.  Attached is the snapshot.

RLL Learning Center Business Plan Overview

On Sunday, April 14, 2019, there will be a Voters Meeting to approve the Learning Center mission, vision, goals, and phased approach.  The approval will give the Leadership Team the go ahead with both Phase 1 and 2. All voters are encouraged to attend the meeting as it is a significant decision for our congregation. If you are not able to attend, please be sure to express your input to other Voters who will be attending or reach out to members of our Church Council.

If the Voters approve, our Voters Meeting will proceed as a call meeting to call a Learning Center Director. Here is an outline of the Learning Center Directors roles and responsibilities:

Learning Center Director – Full List

In order for our congregation to move forward with Phase 3 and beyond, another Voters Meeting will be required to gain approval.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reply back to comments on this webpage, or send directly to Daryl Schulz, Council President, at (507-261-6906) and to DJ Earls, Outreach vice-chair, at (952-240-2341).

In Christ Alone,
Daryl Schultz, Council President