Mission & Plans

On Tuesday, March 20th, we had a special Joint Leadership Feedback session. The focus was to get feedback on our Congregation SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats). This analysis was initially done by a small group on the council over the past few months. The feedback session with the various Boards and Committees was useful to validate if we had captured the key focus items. This input was valuable for a 2-day Church Council Work Session held on March 23 & 24, 2018.

Below are the outlined SWOT Analysis Lists:

Resurrection & Life Lutheran SWOT


  1. Solid Doctrine & Teachings based on the God’s Word
  2. Variety of Worship times & locations with excellent Worship facilities and pastors
  3. New Ministries added over the past few years (Monkey Junction, Jesus & Me, Faith Night) have provided more opportunities to connect to God’s Word.
  4. Affordable Christian education which has dedicated staff who love their Savior and fosters a Christian environment.
  5. Rochester area has six worship/gathering areas (5 congregations)
  6. We are established (Not a new church with risk of closing)
  7. We offer multiple methods of worship
  8. Larger church body but not too large. Small but not too small
  9. Uniqueness of Life. Doesn’t look like a “church”
  10. Plenty of people to help


  1. Connecting Church/School vision and ministries; Multiple ministries running in “silos” and not bridging relationships between them (ECM – Preschool – School – Church) OUTREACH
  2. Not purposeful in focusing on the family unit connecting together in the Word. We have individual focus studies (Adults vs. Children) but do we focus on family unit together to encourage making family units stronger in the faith. No specific parenting focus (parent responsibilities to train children) NURTURE
  3. Keeping youth from falling away after leaving school/home. NURTURE
  4. Limited members involved on leadership committees and service teams. NURTURE
  5. High School and Non-RLS elementary youth not active in Bible studies and service. NURTURE
  6. Facilities are limited for extracurricular activities (gym, music, tech/computer lab, ball fields) as well as visibility to outside community; FACILITIES
  7. Resurrection campus has limited welcome areas (narthex) and fellowship hall study area. FACILITIES
  8. Life campus lacks youth and adult study rooms. FACILITIES
  9. Limited collaboration between area WELS congregations COLLABORATION
  10. Communication both internally and externally. SOCIAL/COMMUNICATION
  11. “Brand awareness.” Does the community know our school, our church? SOCIAL/COMMUNICATION
  12. We not focus enough on being good Christian parents. “If Mom or Dad does not go to church/bible study/ etc., neither will the kids” NURTURE
  13. Focus on too many items? SOCIAL/COMMUNICATION


  1. Engage recent BIC participates with other members and Bible studies (get active in their membership quickly) NURTURE
  2. More opportunities to get people in the Word; Focus on “whole” family connection NURTURE
  3. Need to clarify the ministry focus for school; What is goal of school (primary to teach the Gospel, and what are other primary and secondary goals?) SCHOOL
  4. Welcome additional students from current members who do not attend our school, other WELS area congregations and from non-WELS families SCHOOL
  5. Ensure Preschool is self sustaining SCHOOL
  6. Move towards making School more self sustaining SCHOOL
  7. Establish another WELS worship/gathering location in Rochester (Whether that is with RAM or part of RLL goals) OUTREACH, COLLABORATION
  8. Looking for more friendship evangelism such as inviting to Sunday morning worship and other events OUTREACH
  9. Coordinate with the other WELS churches to provide stronger youth programs for public school children COLLABORATION
  10. Don’t forget to focus for non family groups, High school aged/ College age / single Christians / empty nesters NURTURE
  11. Monkey junction to RLS / Worship pipeline OUTREACH
  12. Using the phone to communicate (don’t hide behind email) SOCIAL/COMMUNICATION
  13. Community involvement / communication SOCIAL/COMMUNICATION
  14. Pre-school to grade school pipeline OUTREACH


  1. Outside forces challenge the doctrine and things we hold dear
  2. Community activities take priority over Church/School
  3. “It’s good enough” culture/attitude
  4. Not having enough arms and legs to do volunteer work
  5. Change is hard; People get frustrated with change
  6. Different priorities (look to leverage each congregation mission to further God’s mission)
  7. History of our congregation and area WELS congregations
  8. Losing focus on the ministries
  9. Youth and Young Adults falling away
  10. Trying too much at once
  11. Lean on same “arm and legs” for volunteer work
  12. Divide between Resurrection and Life. “Why are we doing this project there and not here”

If you have any additional feedback you would like the Church Council and the rest of the Congregation to be aware of, please provide comments to this blog post!

In Christ Alone,
Daryl Schultz, Resurrection & Life Lutheran President