Mission & Plans

Resurrection Campus Site Plan

On September 17th, a Master Site Plan update was presented to the congregation.  Here are the highlights of the presentation.  Please provide any feedback or questions you have on this Master Site Plan.

First, let’s take a step back to highlight how we got to this point of requesting a master site plan update.  Back in April 2015, our congregation conducted a Self Assessment and Analysis session with Pastor Eric Roecker.  There were various action items that we identified in this assessment.  Of these items, we recognized key areas that need to be addressed if we are going to thrive and grow in the years ahead:

  1. Parking at both locations
  2. Entry gathering space and restrooms at Resurrection
  3. Faith Night bible study space for small groups

A Facilities Committee was formed to investigate solutions to these needs.  In the Summer of 2017,  we also hired an architect to help the committee evaluate the needs and possible solutions.  Here is the prioritized list which the committee focused on over the Summer.

  • Refreshed Facilities Master Plan
  • Expand/Remodel Church Entry/Foyer
    • Create a more welcoming entry and expanded room for gathering/fellowship
  • Expand/Remodel Fellowship Hall
    • Fellowship Hall is multi-purpose room used for many activities; room has become overcrowd
  • Expand/Remodel Church/School side entry (area between the two)
    • Open up for better gathering areas for various school/church events
  • Re-purpose space for additional Classroom
    • Looking to potentially double Pre-School, so need additional classroom to juggle classroom space to accommodate
    • Remodel existing lunchroom area to turn into future classroom
  • Create additional meeting spaces for Faith Night breakout rooms

As the committee was reviewing the options, they wanted to ensure we had a quality master plan so we do not just add square footage that will later get in the way of a good overall plan.  Also, our committee determined within the first or second meeting that the objectives given to them could not be accomplished by simply renovating, so additional square footage would need to be added.

In looking at our financial outlook as a congregation, we just successfully completed paying off our school mortgage one year ahead of time!  Since Debt Reduction pledges are still coming, we converted the Debt Reduction fund to become the Facilities Debt & Capital Improvements Fund.  This currently is being use to pay our monthly Life campus mortgage.  We pay about $72,000 yearly, and currently have a principal balance of $670,000.  If we proceed with any building or expansion, we would launch a new pledge drive.

Regarding existing capital improvements for the year, we will be applying blacktop to the new sections of the Life campus parking lot.  The current outlook for the parking lot update is October 2017.  In addition, this year we would like to determine the direction we take regarding the possible improvements on the Resurrection campus.

In our 10-year plan, what we have been refering to as our Vision/Traction Organizer, we have other future expansion under consideration:

  • Life Site Expansion (Education Center and/or Worship Expansion)
  • Purchase property/space for Third Site worship location
  • Expand Kindergarten & Middle School as enrollment grows
  • Explore High School/Youth Education and Activities Opportunities

In all the planning that our Facilities Committee has put into this Master Site Plan and all the discussion we have had at the Church Council, we have kept our focus on congregation’s mission.  To Win and Nurture Souls for Christ!   It is great to have nice new facilities and spaces, but if they are not furthering our mission, then we need to ask why persue any changes to our Master Site Plan.  In looking at our Core Values, we believe these improvements which are being discussed clearly do help us with our “Connect’ value which is to continue to strengthen connecting with God and others through the study of his Word!  This also ties into more serve opportunities, giving generously, and sharing our faith with more people in our community by using our facilities.

The Master Site Plan has two options for considering how to open up the entryway and expand our Fellowship Hall.

Option 1: Full Remodel – Completely tear down the existing structure between the worship area and school/kitchen area.   Estimated Cost: $2.4M

Option 1

Full Remodel 3D Views

Option 2: Remodel Existing Structure and Expansion on Back Estimated Cost $1.8M

Remodel on Existing

Remodel on Existing 3d Views

School Expansion & Kitchen RenovationOptions added to the overall Master Site Plan  School Addition Estimated Cost: $1.9M     Kitchen Renovation Estimated Cost: $337,054

Master Plan with School Kitchen optionj

Next Steps

Please provide feedback and post any questions you may have about the various site plan options as well as any of the future expansion under consideration in our 10-year plan.  Additional plan views will be in the entrance ways at the Resurrection and Life campuses.  There is an open forum scheduled for Tuesday, October 10 at 6:00pm

In Christ Alone, 

Daryl Schultz – Resurrection & Life Lutheran Church President